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Thank you for your business!  To get pricing for one of our custom cakes, or our delicious deserts, please fill out the form below.  Once submitted, one of our staff will contact you to go over your request and place your order.  To view our extensive menu of other offerings like Cupcake, Cake Pops, Macarons, Cookies and more, CLICK HERE!

*Our Cake Pricing begins with knowing what kind of cake you want. Our base price for a frosting covered/filled cake is $3.50 per person.  Our base price for a Fondant decorated cake (also filled with frosting) starts at $4.00 per person. As you make your selections below, prices are added depending on your needs. *rates below for your selections are based on a "per person" added cost unless otherwise specified. 



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What flavor buttercream would you like to top your cake?                                      Do you want Fondant decor on your cake?

Will you be providing any decorations for us to put on your cake, or would you like us to create unique pieces out of edible sugar clay for you?

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