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Custom Cakes - Desserts - Sweet Treats
Check out some of the amazing and delectable offering we make!  Remember that our business is to fully customize your cake or specialty dessert. So if you don't see anything here that resembles what you are looking for... Just ask and you shall receive! For the most up-to-date photos and videos of our latest creations, follow us on Instagram @thesweeterymiami and LIKE us on Facebook!
Personal Mini Cakes decorated to your specifications.  These are 4" cakes that are about 5" tall.  They can serve up to 4 people. Can be customized in any flavor and decor!
Customized Mini cake with white chocolate topping colored to look like cherry icecream melted over the top!  Just one of our many unique creations w can make for you!
These are our Cake Cuties. They are about the size of a regular cupcake, but decorated in fondant to look like miniature 1 serving cakes.  These make the perfect guest gifts at wedding and showers and come in their own take home box to match the theme of your party.
Special occasion personalized cakes are the best gift to give, when you don't know what to give!  Or even if you do, this add that little extra element of fun and thoughtfulness for birthdays, anniversaries or just because.
These 4" Personal cakes are great to add to a desert table at a special event.  Get several in different flavors and in complimenting decor to add dimension and elegant flair. Not to mention they taste amazing!
Taking our personal cakes to a whole different dimension, we can hand carve these cakes into beautiful and edible works of art like our curious little owl.  They feed about 1 to 2 people once they are carved and decorated, so think about adding a smaller 6" round cake to the bottom to feed more.
Personal & Mini Cakes
Wedding & Special Occasion Cakes
Birthday & Themed Cakes
Specialty Desserts, Cupcakes & Candy Tables
French Macarons can be made in several unique flavors including the traditional favorites.
Our cake pops are truly amazing and unique!  Can be custom decorated to match the theme of your party!
Cupcake cutie bouquets can be made in any color and flavor for any occasion!
Cupcake Cuties - available in all of our cake and buttercream flavors with custom decor
Candy & Dessert table in Asian theme
Brownie Bombs with peanut butter cookie dough and chocolate chips
Made in a Cottage Food operation that is not subject to Florida's Food Safety regulations.  Products sold may contain Milk, Eggs, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Peanuts & Soybean products.